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  1. Endless Battle

From the recording Buddha Cardovo (2015)

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Endless Battle

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Prod. by Sinima Beats


my music gets the best of me its the death of me it will have me on the streets without a single bite to eat or it will help me leap spread my wings and fly free to keep away hypocrisy and keep my head above my feet the battlegrounds waged its a never-ending fight you can see blood and the tears in the dark or in the light war pushes through the night grounded right before flight grab my pen and start to write because i need to keep this life and i gotta keep breathing so i can trick my mind in believing for no reason but not beginning treason start a death defying season so there's finally a reason why my brain keeps squeezing bleeding from the fight inside no escape will arise till death a demise seen right through my eyes no right compromise i should have thought twice now were treading thin ice and the shore is too far almost like i have to sit  and accept my great fall ive been pushing thru this shit just to tear down the wall that is now non existent so do i start to crawl make my way out of this dome fighting just to be free extend my reach to the gate even if i cant see enemies grab my legs and just start pulling back drag me into the depths where they live pitch black they will keep fighting back this war will never end no remorse from their side no one will ever win we will never see the day when we can share a toast infecting my mind i am my own host crawling under my skin wanting to break free take this thing from my body please take it out of me infectious disease dropping me to my knees find the fucking syringe and  help me god please the evil dark surrounds and attacks my deep thoughts and contracts what is left of my veins in a knot this petty back and forth will never resolve and with no support we will never evolve im stuck wandering thru what is left in my head an empty black hole leaves me feeling like dead an endless slow pace with no sign of oasis no choice in the matter i just have to take this and fake this no matter whats right pretend im someone else if it gets me thru the night if it helps ease the pain if helps slow this train sitting in constant rain that develops in my brain insane have i become of that am i talking to myself is there something that i lack i will keep digging down this hole that i create even if its a mistake i will keep this steady rate unless i believe build all my memories on the good i perceive feel the calming relief i am fond of beliefs i need to clearly see what will happen in the future and whats in front of me i need to trust my instincts fighting ever single minute so i can hope that when i die i might just fucking win it but until then im stuck in my mind with them nipping at my feet this war has made me blind.